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giroud, 19701115, Palluau-sur-Indre, Centre, France
Palluau-sur-Indre, Centre, France
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that should be didcuss latter
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My name is Dr. Giroud Khalid George, 51 years old individual, I’m a private Researcher and Financial Adviser I have a client, who wants to trade with his money abroad for 7 to 10 years only, last month my client was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancers in critical condition now bedridden, my client wants to trade with his money for this period of time to enable him get proper cancer treatment, while his money yields profit

I need you to please let me know if there are fast growing investments my client can invest in (PERSONAL OR COMMERCIAL) I’m contacting you to invest the money in your country, i want to know if you can be an agent/partner to my client through me, and I will give you a commission from the investment the funds are invested in, If you agree, I would like to know your commission and more about you, Presently I am in the United States for an official meeting but will be leaving for the United Kingdom soonest.

If you also have a personal huge project that needs sponsorship to be perfected, my client will be interested to invest in it too

If you have no ideas of investments, then you can represent my client & family to receive the funds only as a partner in your country and family member friend, i would like to know your commission also

Get back to me without delay if you are interested  contact me giroudkhalid*

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