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krissolo, 19780706, Oryol, Orjol, Russia
Oryol, Orjol, Russia
Living situation:
With kids
About yourself:
a versatile woman with a good-natured character, honest and loyal, caring, with a sense of humor.
Looking for:

I am looking for a man of Asian origin for a serious long-term relationship and for marriage. I need someone to share the rest of my life with me, for better or worse. I need someone who will respect and appreciate me and my son, respect my opinions and decisions. I need someone who is not afraid to show their feelings, kind, gentle. I need someone who is willing to build a house out of bamboo and live with me. This person should respect animals and love them, he should respect nature and protect it. I need someone who is not afraid to fool around and be a child, has a sense of humor, and never raises a hand to his wife and children. This person should be ready to share my work, who is not ashamed sometimes to wash the floor in the house or dishes or cook food. I need the person in whom I will be confident. It would be remarkable if this person wasn't afraid to be ridiculous, would be interested in various riddles of our planet, I would like to go and study something new, won't be afraid to trust miracles. For me important that that, he thinks of children, a family, to the nature, animals. I am interested only in the serious relations.

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